I speak on topics related to parenting, women’s issues, and Jesus-centered living. I believe we were all put on this planet to make God famous and to manifest His glory. Most every talk I give incorporates this challenge and charge to my audience. I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create. My most requested topics include the following ones.

Forgiven and Set Free:

When Believers experience the forgiveness of God we are released to live forgiven and set free.  Yet, the enemy soon follows us around, telling us lies about ourselves, lies about God and whispers we are NOT in fact free and victorious in Christ. And sadly, we agree with him. We so we turn around and walk back into the jail cell we’ve just been released from. We put our handcuffs on and sit down, even though the jail door is wide open-wide open for us to be free. In this presentation, I’ll share my personal journey out of “prison” and help audiences understand how we can live not only forgiven, but free.

For the Fame of His Name (spoken word):

In this 4-minute presentation, I take listeners on a journey through Jesus’ life, from the cradle to the cross. I remind us of the characters He met along the way – those who loved Him and hated Him. The Man who left the adoration Heaven to come to a people who esteemed Him not, would go through all of it again because of His great love for us. I conclude with the challenge that we were born to make this God famous. And one day Jesus will, “come back to earth, but not as baby ready to be birthed. No, the clouds will roll back and the Lord will descend as the Conquering King who has no end.” Until that day, may we live for the fame of His name.

KK logoKonfident Kids Parent Workshop:

According to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Texas, “1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday but only 1 in 10 will tell. Each day 195 Texas children are victims of abuse. And 70,000 sexual abuse cases are confirmed each year.” But the World Health Organization suggests that some of the most effective responses for combating abuse focus on parent education. So my co-founder and I, Marquita DeJesus, developed “Konfident Kids”. “Konfident Kids” is a pro-active parent workshop that educates, equips and empowers parents to keep their kids off limits to sex abuse. Each parent leaves the workshop with the confidence they need to screen caregivers and teach their kids body safety rules. As a result, parents develop “konfident kids” who are off-limits to abuse. 

trust speakTrusting God Today with Tomorrow:

Many of us have seen God do awesome things in our lives. But it quickly becomes hard to trust Him when we’re now at the end of our rope and when life is caving in; when we’re going through a divorce; when our kid has walked away from God; when we’re struggling with our own self worth. But God has never left us. In this presentation, we will examine Peter in Matthew 14 as he walks on water. We will watch as he fears for his life and doubts the very Jesus in front of him. And we will remember, or maybe believe for the first time,  the God of our yesterday is the God of our today, and will be the God of our tomorrow.

parentingParenting with The End in Mind:

We only have a few years with our kids. What do we want our kids to look like spiritually when they leave our home? Reggie Joiner with the “Orange” movement defines this as, “imagining the end”. In this session, we will examine Deuteronomy 6 and see what God has to say about our #1 responsibility as parents. We will answer the question, “What do kids who love God with all his heart, soul and strength look like? And how can I empower them to live this way?” We will walk away ready to impress a God-sized vision upon our kids that will equip them make Him famous.

Raising Inclusive Kids in a Diverse World: | VIEW VIDEO

The tension between races is no surprise to God, and it is not beyond Him to fix it in a Heavenly snap. But then what use of us? Because Christians have been reconciled to Christ, we have the tools we need to be conducive in racial reconciliation. And as parents, we will shape how our kids influence their world regarding this issue that is deeply connected to the heart of God. Looking at two very key Scriptures, which express God’s heart for our involvement in this key area, parents will walk away from this message with practical ideas for how we can be instrumental in helping our kids be the racial ambassadors He’s positioned them to be.


15797101295_c5c946345f_kWhat Were You Born To Do? (spoken word) : | VIEW VIDEO

Do you believe God placed you on Earth for a purpose? I do. Our big God created you to do big things for Him, despite how insignificant we feel. But too often our fear to keeps us stagnant, our worry keeps us stifled, and our doubt keeps us still. I wrote this piece when I felt all of these things. But then I re-read some of the stories of the hero women of Scripture. I realized if I wanted to make God’s name great, I couldn’t sit around and wait for life to slow down, or work out, or become easy. I had to move and move now. This 4-minute presentation empowers women to step out of themselves and live into what God has purposed them to do.

42159296-oak-treeYour Gifts for the Glory of God:

I Peter 4:10-11 tells us that we have all received a gift and we are to use it for the glory of God. But how do we discover our gifts? Do we take another spiritual gifts test, personality quiz, or strengths finder assessment? Maybe. But what if we could easily discover our gifts through the simple act of paying attention? In this message, I’ll ask a series of questions that will help us discover our gifts and how we can use those gifts for the glory of God as we become a “planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor” (Isaiah 61:3).

speak_slide2Am I Enough? (retreat bundle or stand-alone messages):

The Applause of Man: I often care more about what the world says about me, than God. In my heart I say, “Love me, need me, want me, choose me.” Maybe you do too. Instead of craving the applause of One, we crave the applause of everyone. So we live enslaved to affirmation of others, a far cry from the freed-up-life Jesus died for us to live. Do we believe that God is enough?

Enough Already: When we look at people on TV, billboards, and social media, it’s easy to want what they have. Using the story of David and Bathsheba, we will explore how easy it is to become dissatisfied with what we’ve been given when there’s always somethingbetter.” We will dive into how we can break this cycle and enjoy all that God has given us, because He is enough.

She is Fierce: God doesn’t give us easy tasks or assignments. He believes that we have all we need to do big things for His glory. In fact, God chose to use women to prepare the stage for the greatest show in the history of the Israelite people—the Exodus out of Egypt. Their impossible tasks required them to be brave. But when they finished their assignment, it was God who got the glory–something He wants through all of us. We will answer the question, “What is God asking you to do right now that will require you to be brave and require His enough-mess through you to get the job done?” Let’s be fierce for His fame!

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