Meet The Lloyd’s

My name is Lisa. I love coffee, good food, my family, and Jesus. I’m married to the best guy ever and we have 2 kids. Let me introduce you to these crazies…


In February of 2000, I met Markus Lloyd while were performing together in “Guys and Dolls” at the Dallas Theater Center. The first thing that attracted me to him (aside from his crazy good looks) was how kind he was to everybody. As I got to know him I realized that his kindness stemmed from the fact that he loved Jesus and knew his job was to be the outstretched arms of God to the world. I fell in love and he did too (not necessarily in that order). We’ve been married since December of 2001, and Markus continues to be the best thing this side of Heaven that’s happened to me. He makes me better.

Markus, Jr. (“Deuce”)

The Lord has used us to create 2 of the most beautiful mocha babies on the planet. (I may be just a touch biased, but I’m sure you’ll agree.) Our oldest son’s name is Markus, Jr., but we call him, “Deuce”. He loves muscle cars and will stop mid-sentence to acknowledge them as we pass them in our equally muscular mini-van. Markus means, “Warrior of God” and he is living into his name, just like his Daddy does. He’s vivacious and lives his day with so much energy, that he is “out” by 7pm. This kid will never need coffee as an adult.  But “Deuce” also has a tender heart for people, and trusts God in a way that challenges me. God has big plans for this one.


Solomon is one of those kids you just wanna eat. Seriously, like gobble up. One smile from him and my heart melts…“time out” is now over.  He loves hot wheels, his friends and jumping on the trampoline. His full name is Solomon Judah, which means “Peaceful Lion”. This kid is easygoing, but when he deems it necessary, will use the pipes God’s given him express himself. He’s gentle, adores his big brother, and he prays for any and all things, believing with his whole heart that God will answer him. And He does.


As parents, I believe God wants to utilize us to be the primary spiritual influencers in our kiddos lives. We are the ones God uses to introduce them to Jesus. So I’m passionate about finding teachable moments to bring our kids closer to the God who desires to spend forever with them and use them to change this world.

As an actor, I used to want to be famous. But now I know that I’ve been put on this planet to make God famous. Before our boys understood my passion in life, they asked me, “What does it mean to make God ‘famous’?” I responded, “It’s like Spiderman. Everyone has heard about him. Anyone who hears Spiderman’s name or sees his image, knows exactly who he is. He is famous and known. This is exactly what God desires to be.” His plan is to use us to do just that, and all Markus and I want for our family is to be a part of it.

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"Lisa Lloyd has written a book that relentlessly fixes our eyes on Jesus. She candidly shares her story of finding purpose inside and outside the lights of the stage and film. The struggle she unveils is universal. As you turn these pages, she will ask you the same questions about your life. This book is for you." |  Tracy Levinson