Every Once In A While I Get Some Work In Front of A Camera

Albertsons |  watch the video

We shot this commercial in the middle of the night after the store closed. I picked up the tomatoes, the bag of peaches and went “back to one” – my starting spot, about two million times. It was a fun shoot with great friends. Needless to say, I slept most of the day afterwards.

American Airlines |  watch the video

Make sure you watch the subtitles on this one. I had to google all of the lines to understand what in the world I was talking about!

Care Now |  watch the video

This commercial may look warm, but was shot at the Dallas Zoo on a coooooold day in February. Thankfully this take doesn’t catch my first response to feeding the giraffe!

Carter Blood Care |  watch the video

This was a  single camera, one-shot spot that had to be perfect every time we heard the word, “action.” But we had a very talented director, camera man, and group of actors, and were able to film this in 1.5 hours! Unheard of.

Children’s Learning Adventure |  watch the video

Wow, this place is like Disneyworld for kids, and probably costs just as much, minus the plane fare. I mistakenly showed this video (and a few others on the CLA website) to my boys. Afterwards, they begged me to take them there…and the begging continues each time we drive by a Children’s Learning Adventure campus. Beware!

Dallas Convdention and Visitor’s Bureau | watch the video

If you fly into DFW or Love Field airports, chances are you’ll see this video welcoming you to Dallas. My actor hubby, Markus, and I were hired by the DCVB to show off all that Dallas has to offer. Living in the suburbs, we seldom venture down to the heart of the city. This shoot was a blast as we ate at restaurants we’d never heard of, visited venues we’d only seen on the highway, and even stayed in a hotel suite we could never afford – all on the dime of the ad agency. We got to vaca in our own city!

DFW Sports Day – Dallas Cowboys | watch the video

In this short lead in for NBC sports, I get to play a crazy Dallas Cowboys fan. I AM a crazy Dallas Cowboys fan, so the audition and filming for this commercial was easy.

McDonald’s | watch the video

Another warm-looking commercial, but shot on a freezing day in December. We filmed this in a solarium in a beautiful home on Swiss Avenue in Dallas. The windows and doors were open for affect, which added to the cold temps inside. The crew was standing around in heavy coats, gloves and ski masks. But despite the cold air, we had a great time shooting this commercial and laughed a lot-through chattering teeth!

Texas Instruments | watch the video

This was a 3 night shoot with call times at 9pm and wrap times at 5am. One morning I went to bed at 6:30! After having been up for 20 hours, I was asked to drive that beautiful $50,000 Lincoln down I-35 in Dallas with very expensive cameras attached to the outside of the car. Coffee was my dearest friend that night, or was it morning? All of the awesome effects were put into the shot in post-production, so like you, I didn’t see any of the fun gadgets until the final product came out. Technology is amazing!

Think Energy – Birthday | watch the video

I love working on commercials, because great actors and a great crew, who’ve often never met before, come together and have a blast building a project – often in one day. This one was no different.

Think Energy – Christmas | watch the video

“Think Energy” prides themselves on no surprises for their customers. Hence, the gifts you can see through the packages at “my house” for Christmas. We shot this commercial in a beautiful home in Dallas on the rainiest day in history. For all of you animal rights activists, the dog in this commercial received more attention, care, and breaks than the humans did. It was crazy.

Vroom | watch the video

This is the first commercial I shot with my oldest son, “Deuce”. He did a great job on set. He took direction well and loved being a part of the shoot. The director allowed him to come behind the camera and do some directing, as “Deuce”got to say, “action” and “cut”. But he later told me his favorite part of the day, was eating the Doritos provided on the craft services table as a snack.

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