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I know I’ve been put on this planet to make God famous.

In fact, I believe we all have. With every expression of Himself though us, God desires to be made known. And so I want people to know what God has redeemed in my past and is doing in my present to glorify Himself.

I’ll never forget when a high school friend of mine, who later became my sorority sister, said to me in college, “What’s happened to you since high school? You are a totally different person than the teenage ‘Lisa’ I knew a few years ago.” And she was right, God had transformed me. Because Jesus changes us. He reverses the situation. God doesn’t call sinners to come to Him. He calls sinners to come and be holy. And then, to glorify His name.

I’m an actress, speaker, and writer. (I’m also a group fitness instructor and a property manager for a cabin in the mountains of New Mexico.) I’ve been married to my hubby, Markus for 16 years. I’m a mom to “Deuce” (aka, Markus Jr.) and Solomon. And probably like you, I’m just trying to keep all the “life plates” spinning. But everyday I want to live my life for the fame of God’s name.

When I speak to groups, write, perform on set, or simply hang with my family, I desire those around me to know that just like them, I don’t have it all together and never will. But by the amazing grace of Jesus, He wants to use me, use US, to change the world – to show people that there’s nothing they can do to lose His radical love, that His end goal is Himself and His glory, not ours. And wherever we are, whatever we do, we are on this planet to make Him famous. I pray this for all of us.

Will you join me?


Lisa Lloyd
Lisa LloydSpeaker/Actor/Author

Lisa speaks truth with a contagious enthusiasm that inspires women in all walks of life.

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"Lisa Lloyd has written a book that relentlessly fixes our eyes on Jesus. She candidly shares her story of finding purpose inside and outside the lights of the stage and film. The struggle she unveils is universal. As you turn these pages, she will ask you the same questions about your life. This book is for you." |  Tracy Levinson