What If God Wants to Use You To Make Him Famous?

This kind of living requires us to see ourselves as instruments designed to be used for the glory of God. But most of us don’t see ourselves this way. Instead, we resign ourselves to be spectators in the audience, still waiting for our names to be called—to be cast in that next big role. Of course, we all hope to be selected. We end up auditioning for life, always striving to make the cut and gain approval. In our desire to be chosen, we forget that God’s already cast us in a unique role that only we can play.

Chasing Famous will help you:

  • Unearth the bravery you need to accomplish what God’s already called you to do.
  • Break free from the shame of your past by embracing the truth of God’s love.
  • Discover the single greatest purpose of your life.
  • Embrace with audacious boldness your mission as a parent.
  • Abandon the pain of comparison and leave your unique stamp on the world.
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